Welcome to InkedFur where you can purchase on-demand prints, comics, dakimakuras, and wall scrolls from your favorite artists! We currently host approximately 200 artists with works ranging from the innocent to the explicit.

    We also provide custom prints for artists of any genre and rating with massive bulk discounts. We can even print, mat, and ship the prints directly to any trade show or convention you are doing. We can also do vinyl and cloth banners as well.

    We use thick (240gsm), professional luster paper and a Canon ImagePROGRAF PRO-4000 printer using 100-year guaranteed archival inks that supports RGB profiles.

    Content Policy Update

    InkedFur has been reviewing it's policies and procedures as we switch over to a new website. We have in the past allowed creators to declare what the ages are of the subjects of their pieces. We have decided going forward that characters, whom are canonically underage, cannot be sold in pieces within sexual situations, regardless of the creator's certification. With original characters, creators are able to declare ages and we will allow the art on a case by case basis.

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    Get Notified on Telegram About New Products and Specials

    We have a Telegram announcement group for adult audiences that sends compressed samples of products along with links to buy them. We will also be holding contests on there for FREE products eventually. To access it, simply go to https://t.me/inkedfur.

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    InkedFur v2 has launched in beta! Check us out at inkedfur.com. New items are not put on this old site as it will be shut down shortly. Dismiss